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Appointed Committees, Boards, and Commissions

Downtown Development Authority

Executive Director: Vivian Young
Chairman: Nora Chambers
Advisor: Charles Cawthon
Board Members: Amber Holcomb
Bruce McGee
Donavan Layton
George Dick
Esther Moulder
Diane Toney

Historic Preservation Commission

Chairman: Margaret Ayers
Secretary/Treasurer: Priscilla Gothard
Advisor: Charles Cawthon
Board Members: Marie Loftis
Tom Dixon
Wayne Lawson
Gwen Moore

Planning and Zoning Commission

Zoning Administrator: Charles Cawthon
Chairman: Jim Gothard
Secretary: Barbara Clark
Board Members: Jerry Byrd
Bobby Lott
Jim Gothard
Terry Rushton

Cemetery Commission

Chairman: Vivian Young
Advisor:Randy Dove
Board Members: Margaret Ayers
Priscilla Gothard
Ernestine Lee
Courtney Umbehant
Marie Loftis
Duchess Blakely

Tree Commission

Margaret Ayers
Jan Burgess
Ernestine Lee
Randy Moore
Jim Gothard

Human Relations Board

Bobby Berryman
Barbara Clark
Ruth Meeks